Know How for Research

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

  1. When you read a paper, first read abstract/introduction and imagine (i) what your approach would be with this topic (ii) how you would implement (iii) how you could have argue around. Then read the remaining and compare with yours. When you read a paper, try to catch (i) what the idea is (ii) how the authors convinced the audience (iii) problems and limitations. Unless your idea is one of literature reviews, or very similar to the paper, you may find new material to write a paper.
  2. Whatever you work, whatever the results are, try to write a paper always even though it might be “it didn’t work” though. Writing must be a habit for you.
  3. Discuss with people. While you explain your idea, you will find some missing points. Usually people will criticize your idea and while you convince them, you will find what the advantages and disadvantages of your idea are. It will also help to write papers.
  4. You (not the supervisor) need to be active and to be the leader for the research.
  5. Try to write papers even before you decide your thesis topics. Try to implement small ideas and submit papers to workshops/conferences. Both to get rejected and to get accepted will help you to train yourself in many ways.
  6. If you have a good idea, you can collaborate with colleagues. 2 papers alone are more difficult than 4 papers with another person.
  7. The first author of the paper is the one who is the main writer, not the main idea provider or main developer. Writing is very important and sometimes more important than the actual work.
  8. Research is timing! I always believe the idea is around in the air and several people can catch it at the same time. The person who work and publish first is the winner. If you have an idea, concentrate on working immediately. 1 year-long light work is worse than 6 month concentrated work and 6 month vacation.
  9. The importance of a topic fully depends on how you argue. Convincing argument and systematic and analytic writing are extremely important.
  10. To defend a thesis, previous discussion with various people will help a lot. You will also find good ideas while you discuss with people with difference backgrounds.

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